VIP Shopping Card
How to Use it?

First of all: Always have your VIP Shopping Card on you ready to hand. Then you won’t miss any of the advantages of Your VIP Shopping Card.

1.  VIP Shopping Card – The Shopping Card for tourists
2.  Use Your VIP Shopping Card!
3.  Our partners have got a wonderful surprise for you!

Your VIP Shopping Card – what is awaiting you.

As the owner of an VIP Shopping Card you can use the card with every purchase from our partners – and that pays well for you. You can see how varied our partners are here and on our website, and find a short description and addresses of the VIP Shopping Card partners.

Here on this website you will find our most attractive partners from the most various fields who will surprise you with a multitude of fantastic offers and numerous discounts. Take a look straight away to see where you can save real money.

Shopping Paradise, Luxury Articles, Opticians, Restaurants, Travel Agents, Jewelers, and and and…

Taking part is so easy. See for yourself.

And the most important tip first of all:

3 Steps to Success:

1. If you don’t have one already order the VIP Shopping Card
2. Pocket it! Because it’s so versatile, it’s best to take the VIP Shopping Card everywhere with you.
3. Use it! Experience shopping, dining, travel and culture. The VIP Shopping Card doesn’t just help to save money, but has lots of other advantages in store for you.
4. Taking part is so easy!

You haven’t got an VIP Shopping Card yet? Then simply apply for one here. You will then be able to profit from the numerous VIP Shopping Card advantages and start collecting free gifts or discounts.

Now simply start and profit from the numerous advantages with your VIP Shopping Card. You can read information about applying and about the optimum use of your VIP Shopping Card here. Simply fill out the form and then let’s get started. If any questions should remain unanswered, you will find the fitting answers on the pages of this booklet. You can of course contact us directly as well.

How to score with our partners:

Present the VIP Shopping Card before you pay. You will receive a discount or wonderful present with every purchase.

All participating partners you will find in this website

Please fill out if you want the Shopping Card to be sent or handed over to a different address. Please send the Shopping Card to the following address: e.g. hotel address abroad.

The VIP Shopping Card is valid immediately on receipt. The VIP Shopping Card can only be used with participating partners. It rests with the participants whether they give a discount on the purchase price, a gift, or any other perk. This is explicitly at the discretion of the participating partners. Misusage or giving the card to a third party renders the card invalid and can be destroyed by us or one of the participating companies. The card remains property of Media Performance GmbH until complete payment. A list of participating partners is available on this website. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for goods or services purchased with the VIP Shopping Card. The card is a loyalty card with which no insurance for the purchased goods or services is connected. The closing of business between the buyer and the supplier and possible guarantee conditions and stipulations remain unaffected with the use of the Shopping Card. The terms and conditions can be changed without you having to be informed. We promise to handle your data in a sensitive way. The Shopping Card promotion can be ended at any time by Media Performance GmbH. You will be informed about it as applicable. The Traveler VIP Shopping Card is only valid for the person whose name is written on the card.