Participation in the VIP shopping card campaign is after signature by the card user immediately valid. It is up to the participating partners if they give a percentage discount on the sales prices or a gift or grant an any other discount. This is explicitly at the discretion of the participating partners. In the case that however unattractive giveaways or low discounts will be granted to the card user it is up to the company media performance to terminate this agreement unilaterally. In the sense of an attractive use of the VIP shopping card this agreement may be terminated also unilaterally and without explanation of reasons. Participation in the VIP shopping card action is fee-based for the participating partners. The campaign is ready to start immediately an can begin after the fee has been paid. The VIP shopping card membership last minimum for one year. Confirmation of participation, see current price rates. The notice period is two months to the end of the contract, the signature date of the confirmation is valid. The latest list of participating partners will be made available to the cardholders on this website. We close all responsibility and liability on our part for the VIP shopping card acquired goods or services from. There is no assurance of the purchased goods or services associated with the card to a loyalty. The transaction between buyer and seller and any warranty and / or guarantee conditions remain unaffected by the use of the shopping card. The terms and conditions can be changed by us and we will inform if necessary. We promise careful handling of your data. The shopping card action can be terminated at any time by the media performance GmbH. Possibly we inform you if necessary. The Arab traveler VIP shopping card is valid only for the person whose name is on the card.

Legal venue, place of jurisdiction
Address where media performance GmbH is the registered. In business transactions with merchants, legal persons of under public law or public special assets, jurisdiction is the address of the media performance GmbH. Where claims of media performance GmbH in the order for payment procedure are made, the place of jurisdiction for non-traders shall be determined according to their place of residence. The domicile or habitual residence of the customer, even for non-traders, in the time of the complaint is unknown or has the customer moved its residence / habitual residence from the scope of the law after conclusion of the contract, the headquarters of media performance GmbH is agreed as place of jurisdiction.

Munich, October 2015